Lots to Be Thankful For

We drove home to Kentucky to stuff our faces with turkey, mashed potatoes and Nat's new favorite...PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE. It was all she could talk about the week before we went home. We had a great time visiting with everyone and snuggling Miles and Kendel.

Nate & Nat with fully bellies and ready for a nap.

It was so nice, at least Thursday and Friday, that the girls got to get out for some fresh air. Nat's become an old pro at the tricycle.
Kaitlyn and Mulligan aka "the best dog ever" according to Kaitlyn. Obviously she's never been on the receiving end of one of his stinkers but he's pretty lovable.
Sherry directed traffic, time to circle back around.

Impromptu dance party in the living room.
Kendel who will be right in the mix of things this time next year.

This is what I'm most thankful for this year. See Nat's shirt? That's right, the Bryant family will be expanding come next July and if I'm lucky it might just be the best birthday present ever! And yes, this about sums up Nat's enthusiasm about being a big sis. If asked she doesn't want a sister or brother, at least not right now anyways.


Thanksgiving Dinner

Byron and I went to Natalie's school today for Thanksgiving dinner. It was really nice and the food wasn't too bad either :) We got to meet some of the other parents, especially Sawyer's Mom since her and Natalie have become best buddies. Come to find out she started about a week after Nat and has been going through the same emotions.

She's in the 3 year old class and it looks like Nat will be staying there as well. She just seems to fit in with those kids better and even though it's sad to say she's closer to 3 now than 2. Today was also the first day I dropped her without any tears! So maybe, just maybe, we've reached a turning point.

To busy polishing off her 'naner puddin' to take a pic with Daddy.
Just being ornery with Momma.

My first hand-painted turkey!!!


Sleeping Nat

Found this on the camera from Sunday evening. I was busy folding clothes and I noticed she was way to quiet. She had fallen asleep on the couch watching Elf!


All Nat Wants for Christmas

We took her to Bass Pro Sunday to see Santa. She was excited, couldn't take her eyes off of him until it was actually our turn. Then she was all about Momma. All three of us started on Santa's lap (poor guy) and then slowly Byron and I got up and they quickly snapped a pic of her. At least she didn't cry, right?

As she was walking off I told her to tell him what she wanted, her reply: "A kitchen, bicycle and to go to Nana's."

Pretty sure that last one is due to the fact that she hates going to school and wishes Nana or Grammie would just come and get her. Even this morning as I was buckling her into her car seat and she started in with the "I miss you momma" she asked if we were going to Grammies. It kills me to drop her off in that state and if it continues it might just become Byron's job.


Nat's Got A New 'Do

Nan please don't be mad. I know you love long hair, but this was long over due.

I'm so tired of coming home and trying to brush out whatever she ate for lunch that day or worse, snot. Byron has been trying to convince me for some time now to cut Nat's hair short. I have a few friends who's little girls have short hair and it looks so cute on them, so we took the plunge.

15 minutes and 5 inches later, Nat has a new 'do. And contrary to the look on her face (she was tired and ready for ice cream) she really does like it.

This morning was Christmas pictures at school and what a perfect time to show off her new haircut. I can still pull it back, a pony tail may be out of the question but she doesn't like those anyways. She says "they hurt her head."

This has now become part of our morning routine with Byron going back to work. She loves to help him get ready. It's so cute to hear her say "I help you Daddy?"


ToT '11

In spite of having an ear infection we still decided to get Nat dressed up and head out to the Kids Fest. She pretty much didn't leave the stroller. You know she's not feeling 100% if she doesn't want to jump in the bounce houses. So we got a few freebies, a balloon and left to have dinner at Cheddar's since Nat decided all she wanted for dinner was beans. Go figure. She and I split a veggie plate and chicken tortilla soup and she was as happy as she could be.

We did take her to a few houses in our cul-de-sac. Took a couple of pictures to show off Sue's handy sewing job and called it a night. She was just as content rolling with her boys anyways.

Maybe next year.