All Nat Wants for Christmas

We took her to Bass Pro Sunday to see Santa. She was excited, couldn't take her eyes off of him until it was actually our turn. Then she was all about Momma. All three of us started on Santa's lap (poor guy) and then slowly Byron and I got up and they quickly snapped a pic of her. At least she didn't cry, right?

As she was walking off I told her to tell him what she wanted, her reply: "A kitchen, bicycle and to go to Nana's."

Pretty sure that last one is due to the fact that she hates going to school and wishes Nana or Grammie would just come and get her. Even this morning as I was buckling her into her car seat and she started in with the "I miss you momma" she asked if we were going to Grammies. It kills me to drop her off in that state and if it continues it might just become Byron's job.


Flossie said...

One of the first times that Sam cried when I dropped him off, I immediately called Shawn and informed him that I would be reworking our budget that day to allow me to stay home. He convinced me to give it one more day. Luckily, Sam was glad to see the babysitter the next day. But on those rare mornings that he cries, I still mentally sell our house and trade Shawn's truck for a compact car...

Jennifer said...

I wish there was a Bass Pro Shop near me. Their background is way better than the mall ones!