Thanksgiving Dinner

Byron and I went to Natalie's school today for Thanksgiving dinner. It was really nice and the food wasn't too bad either :) We got to meet some of the other parents, especially Sawyer's Mom since her and Natalie have become best buddies. Come to find out she started about a week after Nat and has been going through the same emotions.

She's in the 3 year old class and it looks like Nat will be staying there as well. She just seems to fit in with those kids better and even though it's sad to say she's closer to 3 now than 2. Today was also the first day I dropped her without any tears! So maybe, just maybe, we've reached a turning point.

To busy polishing off her 'naner puddin' to take a pic with Daddy.
Just being ornery with Momma.

My first hand-painted turkey!!!

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