Nat's Got A New 'Do

Nan please don't be mad. I know you love long hair, but this was long over due.

I'm so tired of coming home and trying to brush out whatever she ate for lunch that day or worse, snot. Byron has been trying to convince me for some time now to cut Nat's hair short. I have a few friends who's little girls have short hair and it looks so cute on them, so we took the plunge.

15 minutes and 5 inches later, Nat has a new 'do. And contrary to the look on her face (she was tired and ready for ice cream) she really does like it.

This morning was Christmas pictures at school and what a perfect time to show off her new haircut. I can still pull it back, a pony tail may be out of the question but she doesn't like those anyways. She says "they hurt her head."

This has now become part of our morning routine with Byron going back to work. She loves to help him get ready. It's so cute to hear her say "I help you Daddy?"


Flossie said...

I love the pics of her tying Byron's tie. Too cute!

Erin said...

I love her hair, its adorable!!

Nan said...

Julia, I could never get mad at you for that pretty little face. She looks darling with her new do. Love you'all very much. Nan