Little Diva

Natalie is turning into quite the little diva these days. Our neighbors brought over 6 large garbage bags of clothes and shoes their daughter has outgrown, and as I was sorting through them Natalie found this little dance costume. It has quickly become one of her favorite items of clothing. Second only to her ladybug costume she still wears from last Halloween.

Little Miss struttin' her stuff around the house.


Busy Little Bee

I can FINALLY check two more items off my "to do" list. Natalie's step stool and toy box, both built by Vann, have been painted! Now if I can just find the time (and the will) to finish staining her table and chairs I will be caught up.
BEFORE: Here is where we found the Plan for it. Ana-white.com, my new best friend :)
AFTER: Nat LOVES it! She'll ask to wash her hands 10x a day just so she can use it.

BEFORE: Toy Box Plan

DURING: Nat and Mulligan got a little bored.
AFTER: It's just fades away right into the built-ins. Thanks Vann :)


Monkeys, Giraffes and Ice Cream!

What more could a girl ask for? We took Natalie back this year for the Ice Cream Safari at the Jackson Zoo. We all enjoyed it last year and who can really resist over 15 different flavors of Blue Bell ice cream? Byron was a little disappointed they didn't have banana pudding again but we still enjoyed the strawberry cheesecake, pralines and cream, birthday cake, butter pecan and our NEW favorite...white chocolate almond. Natalie still prefers mostly chocolate types and thank goodness there was no mango sherbert this year.

The zoo was fun too. Nat was your typical 2-year old. Kinda cranky, kinda in a good mood (as long as you did what she wanted). She loved the monkeys again and the giraffes. The black bears were swimming around in the water which she thought was silly and I'm pretty sure she asked the rhino if he "wanted to fight" (thank you The Grouchy Ladybug). All in all it was a fun day, and it wore her out to the point where she crashed on the couch at 8:30.

Running through the alligator eggs.

She's got it rough in case you can't tell :) I guess it is kinda hard when your feet almost drag the bottom of the stroller but at least she sat in it for most of the day.


A Long 4th Weekend

I managed to sneak in a little extended vacation over the 4th of July and we took full advantage and went home to KY. We got in late Wednesday night and enjoyed all the extra time with the family, cooking out, boating and shooting off fireworks.

The girls had a large time together. They put on daily ballerina dance shows for us. Natalie's make-shift tutu... a feather boa Heather wrapped around her waste.

Thursday night we spent some time with some of Vann's friends who put on a annual fireworks show and cookout.
If looks could kill...
Playing with Daddy.

PaPaw's girls, he's got his hands full with these two that's for sure.

Finally out on the boat Friday. The girls LOVED it! Natalie could barely wait for PaPaw to drop anchor before she was ready to get in. Kaitlyn swam her little heart out back and forth from Jason to Byron and myself.

Daddy's girls

Sunday was the "big" Fancy Farm parade, something Natalie nor I had ever been too. We got front row seats in Granny's yard. I'd say Nat's favorites were the horses and the float with Mickey Mouse.

Bubba and his tractor. A Toon tradition.

Brady hopping up for a ride with Danny.

Innocent bystanders. You can't tell it from this picture but one of the fire trucks stopped right in front of Granny's and thought they could spray their hose up to the porch to get my Dad wet. Instead Byron and Lynnley got soaked.

Natalie and I waiting for the next round of candy to be thrown our way.

Terry and Karla cooling off with the top down.

Later we went over to Karla's for a better view of the fireworks show. Nat didn't really care for them this year. She doesn't mind seeming them out the window but to actually be outside real close to them isn't something she cares for yet.

Danny just needed a few more kids on that four-wheeler.