Rainy Days

We haven't done much lately. It's rained here for probably two weeks straight. But Natalie has no problem entertaining herself or us for that matter.

Mom, it's way to early to be taking my picture :)

And yes sometimes we play in tub with no water.


Happy Birthday Byron!

Today marks Byron's 33rd birthday. We've been celebrating it all weekend. Saturday I attempted to make him a golf cake with rolled buttercream fondant and homemade lasagna. The cake was better than it looked. My dark green icing kept cracking. Natalie and I made him a card and we enjoyed a weekend filled with football, baseball and NASCAR. And all of his teams won, what more could a guy ask for?

Happy Birthday to best Husband & Dad two girls could ask for. Love you!

I traced her hands to show Daddy, we love him this much.

Nathan also stopped by but Natalie wasn't to sure about his beard. She kept staring at him and thinking about touching it but never did.

Kids & Thier Boxes

Why is it that kids always love the boxes or the paper more than the actual toy? We got Natalie a walk behind toy this weekend. She's still a little wobbly and we have to keep it on the carpet but she loves the toys in it. That is until she found the box...

She spent forever trying to climb up on top of it. It's so funny to watch her do this to our chair or fireplace. She kicks her little leg up to the side but doesn't really know what to do with it yet.

Ok now what?

This is her and the actual toy.


Hard Headed

Well I'm surprised we've made it this long without any major bruises (knock on wood) but Natalie decided to nose dive into the end table Friday night. She cried a little bit, but I think it made her mad more than anything. She's bad about head butting things, especially my head. But by the next day it was just a sliver of a bruise. No harm done. I'm sure it's the first of many.

Natalie loves the faucet. She tries to catch the water as it comes out.
And I think if she could get closer she'd try and drink it.



You would think a child's room would be the best place for them to stay out of trouble. Well, we haven't found that place yet :) If we shut the door to play she finds the door stopper and pulls off the end of it and tries to swallow it, giving Byron a few more gray hairs. If I'm folding clothes she likes to try and open the drawers, or even better the trash can. She watches me open it but hasn't quite put it all together yet.

And poor Bogey, he's like her own jungle gym.



Just over 8 months ago this was our computer room. Now it's a little girl's playground. Her favorite thing to do is dig out all her toys. She doesn't care to play with any one in particular but dragging them out (especially after Byron's just put them up to vacuum) is what all the fun's about isn't it?

This is right before she fell in. Yep I saw it coming and ran and got my camera instead of moving her. But she's got to learn sometime :)

Now that pulling up is no big deal, she likes to clear off the table tops, or in this case, turn on the touch lamp.


Bad Hair Day

Occasionally Byron will email me a pic from his phone. This is what he sent this morning and I had to share.

Poor girl, I don't know if she will ever have enough hair to lay down.


A Sad Day for the Bryant Family

For those of you who may not know, our oldest golden, Barkley, had bone cancer. This is the second dog that we've lost to a form of cancer. We noticed he was limping about a month ago, took him to vet thinking it was arthritis and they sent us home with some medicine. That seemed to help until the meds ran out and when the Vet looked at his x-ray again, he saw a mass on his knee joint.

We had few options...amputate the leg or aggressive chemo. Having gone through this before we decided not to do anything but make Barkley as comfortable as possible until everyone could say their goodbyes. And with Vann and Sue having been down over the weekend we felt it was time.

He was a great dog. I'm sad he won't get to grow old with Natalie. He would have been 9 in Jan. and he's been with Byron and I almost as long as we've know each other. He's made it through two moves, 4 doggy roommates (Daisy, Fish, Gracie & Bogey) and tolerated them well and he was Sue's best paper fetcher by far :) He's going to be deeply missed, but I know he's in a better place with the biggest pond and dock imaginable.

So let's take a trip down memory lane...

His first bath...never did have a care in the world.

Christmas 05

Barkley & Bogey

Bogey's so depressed without his buddy around.

Getting Sue's paper

Our old man: Jan 01 - Sept 09


SMILE for the Camera

These are just too funny not to share. Lately Natalie's been making this funny face. It's almost like she is trying to wink at us, but now when she hears the camera click she immediately makes this face. She does it a lot while she's eating to. She's gotten really good at imitating our expressions. I guess we better start watching what we do (and say).

Our little goofball...

We are also working on waving hi/bye and patty cake.

Happy Labor Day!

We've had a fun weekend with Vann & Sue. Natalie's been spoiled with two straight weekends of grandparents around (we may pay for this later). They got in Friday evening with all sorts of goodies for Natalie and fresh corn and beans for us.

Of course we had to go shopping while the boys played golf. We didn't go to the outlet malls, but had just as much looking around at Toys R Us. Natalie got a new little table that she can stand up too and play on. We got some much needed weeding done around the house, painted the shutters and trimmed up all the shrubs. Then we relaxed, watched Ole Miss and grilled out all weekend.
She can just about pull up to anything now. And this is her new "smile" face.

Her new little table.

And we found this HUGE stuffed dog at Sams. It's almost as good as Bogey.