Happy Birthday Byron!

Today marks Byron's 33rd birthday. We've been celebrating it all weekend. Saturday I attempted to make him a golf cake with rolled buttercream fondant and homemade lasagna. The cake was better than it looked. My dark green icing kept cracking. Natalie and I made him a card and we enjoyed a weekend filled with football, baseball and NASCAR. And all of his teams won, what more could a guy ask for?

Happy Birthday to best Husband & Dad two girls could ask for. Love you!

I traced her hands to show Daddy, we love him this much.

Nathan also stopped by but Natalie wasn't to sure about his beard. She kept staring at him and thinking about touching it but never did.


Amy Gammons said...

Happy Birthday Byron!
Any leads on a job... I would love for you three to come to Nashville. You would have another babysitter too. I work cheap! LOL

Nan said...

This is a very cute picture. She looks as if she is not sure who Nathan is

Nan said...

She looks like she is talking to Nate. Don't you look at them and wonder what they are talking or thinkinh about. She's so sweet. Nan