Color Run 5K

What should have been a really fun and laid back 5K walk was not. Natalie was miserable the whole time until I told her we could go to Waffle House afterwards. Then she was worried what people would say or think about our "look".  Next year I'm taking Harper ;)


NOLA - Sunday

Our last day in NOLA we headed out to the Zoo before going home. This was by far, the nicest zoo I had ever been too. It was huge and had a whole water park inside of it (that we avoided at all cost). Next time, we may just do the water side and skip all the exhibits. The girls enjoyed the reptile exhibit the most believe it or not. Then I'd say the white tiger, elephant and leopards were close seconds.

Harper really wanted the giraffe to give her a kiss..lol

NOLA - Saturday

Saturday started off with a trip to Cafe Du Monde so the girls could get their first beignets. I'm pretty sure Harper ate her weight in powder sugar! Needless to say, they were a big hit.

Then we took a trolley ride to the City Park and rode every ride there I think. Harper has no fear (no surprise there). The only thing that held her back was her height.

We had an hour to kill before the rides opened and we tried to play putt putt but they wanted no part of it. We found a playground for them swing/slide on until the rides opened. 

Harper rode everything she could, including the tilt-a-whirl, with Natalie and myself. She squealed the whole time with excitement and I just tried to keep my beignets down. Her and Byron also tried to spit on Natalie and I on the Ferris wheel!

The park also had a Storyland area, it was really neat but the girls were getting tired, hungry and HOT! So it was a quick run through before we took the trolley back to a Mexican joint that was amazing.

After a quick break in the hotel, we got ready for an early dinner so we could get to watch the game. Well, Natalie and Byron stayed up for it. Harper and I passed out around half time, but we won!

NOLA - Friday

We surprised the girls Friday morning. Once they got ready, ate breakfast we told them we weren't going to school & work today but to New Orleans. Natalie was mad we "tricked" her but quickly got over it. They thought for a minute we were going to KY and I don't know if Harper ever realized what we were doing but she didn't care.

Our first stop after lunch was to the Aquarium. They really enjoyed the penguins and sharks.

A little snack (and incentive) to walk back to the room.

This happened both night. Harper would always fall asleep on the walk to dinner. But don't worry, she woke just as the food arrived both times too.

We tried to get them to sleep in the same bed the first night but that lasted about 15 minutes. 


French Braids

If anyone knows me, knows I don't do hair. I proably rock a pony tail 90% of the time. And braids...well that's like a 4 letter word in my mind.

But, I did it! Well kind of, it needs work and I need more time in the mornings but whatever. I have no idea how long it will last because her hair SO.FLIPPIN.THICK but she was a happy camper when we left!


Sneak Peak #2

I finally got Natalie to try on her flower girl dress. Of course it's more tea length but the next size up was a 10 which would have fallen off of her. Harper loves to twirl in hers and is ready to "dance my booty off"!



Only when your kids are born and raised in Mississippi do they claim it's freezing when the temps drops to low 70s. We ate dinner outside Saturday night since it was so nice. Harper started the evening with just a t-shirt on (pants are so overrated). Then it was "My legs are cold Momma" well, go put some pants on. After dinner they ran around looking for acorns. "Momma my feet are cold" well, go put some shoes on (also overrated in our house). Then it got dark "Momma it's freezing out here"! Natalie dug her FLEECE out from her backpack and put it on her. Silly girls.


Sneak Peak

My brother is getting in married in just over a month and I'll admit I had these big plans for the girls dresses but I just don't have it in me. Plus I despise sewing all things organza, silk, tulle...etc

So I cheated. I scoured the internet for a dress that was something I thought Lynnley would love and that would be comfortable for them to wear all day. They arrived Tuesday and I immediately made Harper try hers on.

It's super cute. The top is ivory and bottom is navy. It's hard to tell in the pic. Needs a good steam and some fluffing but I'm pleased. Plus I know they'd be cute in anything :)  Now to find shoes...


School Picture Day

Natalie overhead Kaylee saying she was going to curl her hair...ugh. That's fine if a) I had a set of hot rollers in this house b) Nat's hair wasn't so dang thick it takes a small army and solid 20 mins just to dry it, would a curl even hold?

Anyways, we washed and dried the night before. Woke up early and I asked numerous times "are you sure you want curls?" Yes. Ok, let's do this.

I loved it! I only used a curling iron and I "may" have fudged a bit in the back but she can't see that anyways, right?  She shows it off and them comes back in the bathroom on the verge of tears???  She was worried someone might make fun of her. This just kills me. I don't know how to get her to be more confident. I mean, Harper's rolling through the house, a hot mess with unbrushed hair and hell bent on leaving like that. But not my sweet, tender Natalie. So we sat down, talked about how pretty it was and how I just knew Ms Chambers would love (and gush) over it. She left it but I could tell she was uneasy about the decision.

I snapped a quick pick and prayed the pictures turn out awesome.