School Picture Day

Natalie overhead Kaylee saying she was going to curl her hair...ugh. That's fine if a) I had a set of hot rollers in this house b) Nat's hair wasn't so dang thick it takes a small army and solid 20 mins just to dry it, would a curl even hold?

Anyways, we washed and dried the night before. Woke up early and I asked numerous times "are you sure you want curls?" Yes. Ok, let's do this.

I loved it! I only used a curling iron and I "may" have fudged a bit in the back but she can't see that anyways, right?  She shows it off and them comes back in the bathroom on the verge of tears???  She was worried someone might make fun of her. This just kills me. I don't know how to get her to be more confident. I mean, Harper's rolling through the house, a hot mess with unbrushed hair and hell bent on leaving like that. But not my sweet, tender Natalie. So we sat down, talked about how pretty it was and how I just knew Ms Chambers would love (and gush) over it. She left it but I could tell she was uneasy about the decision.

I snapped a quick pick and prayed the pictures turn out awesome.

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