NOLA - Saturday

Saturday started off with a trip to Cafe Du Monde so the girls could get their first beignets. I'm pretty sure Harper ate her weight in powder sugar! Needless to say, they were a big hit.

Then we took a trolley ride to the City Park and rode every ride there I think. Harper has no fear (no surprise there). The only thing that held her back was her height.

We had an hour to kill before the rides opened and we tried to play putt putt but they wanted no part of it. We found a playground for them swing/slide on until the rides opened. 

Harper rode everything she could, including the tilt-a-whirl, with Natalie and myself. She squealed the whole time with excitement and I just tried to keep my beignets down. Her and Byron also tried to spit on Natalie and I on the Ferris wheel!

The park also had a Storyland area, it was really neat but the girls were getting tired, hungry and HOT! So it was a quick run through before we took the trolley back to a Mexican joint that was amazing.

After a quick break in the hotel, we got ready for an early dinner so we could get to watch the game. Well, Natalie and Byron stayed up for it. Harper and I passed out around half time, but we won!

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