Easter Sunday

Once again Natalie made out like a bandit with the Easter bunny. We had every intention of going to Mass but Nat slept until 10am, church started at 10:30. So we laid around the house and played with some of her goodies.

Taunting Big Daddy with her Reeses, it's his favorite but she was not sharing. Matter of fact she was looking right at him saying "ha ha big big."

Going on a Egg Hunt

After a visit to Nan's Saturday morning we took Natalie to an egg hunt out at the church. We were a little slow getting down the hill to the eggs so Nat only got one egg, but notice the handful of dum dum suckers, that's all she was worried about.

A little comparison picture - amazing how much difference just a year makes.

Pretty sure every picture of Natalie that day she had some type of candy in her mouth.

We also had an egg hunt at Mal's house in between storms. Jack hated the wet grass so Levi had to hold him and just let him grab his eggs.

Brady & Karly raced to see who could get the most. I think Karly won by maybe 3 eggs.

All she wanted was the candy. I think she's sneaking some of Brady's candy while he isn't looking.

Later at home Nat counted her money. She got one egg from Granny and found two golden eggs at Mal's house. She came away with $5. What's really funny is when we drove home yesterday I asked her if she wanted to use it for a Happy Meal and she frowned at me and said "my monies, momma."


Time to Color Some Eggs

We started the tradition last year of going over to Karla's house and letting the little ones decorate their eggs for Easter. Last year was pretty tame since really only Karly and Brady knew what was going on. Not this year though. Let's see in the first five minutes Kody and Nat tried to eat a hard-boiled egg, shell still attached. Natalie thought the dye tablets were sweet tarts and ate an orange one before Grammie could even blink. It was quite interesting. Kody dumped the yellow cup all down my leg which turned my feet yellow. Poor Jack wouldn't even touch them for fear of getting his hands dirty. It was a lot of chaos but that's what making memories is all about...right?

The kids couldn't really play outside thanks to all the nasty weather so they decorated Karla's back porch for her.

Time to get down to business. Nat didn't play around when it came to decorating her eggs. She preferred to paint hers with a kit Mallery had. I think she has a little of her momma in her when it comes to details. Just look at that concentration.

This is what your tongue looks like after eating an orange dye tablet. I thought Mom was going to pee her pants from laughing so hard.

Brady did a great job dying his eggs and Jack trying to decide if it's really worth getting all over his fingers or not.


Karly did the shrink wrap eggs this year in groovy peace signs and smiley faces.

She had just smashed a hollowed out egg on PaPaw's leg.

Worn plum out. Golfing and painting eggs will wear a girl out.

Good Friday Golfing

Byron has been waiting to take Natalie golfing for over two years. So Friday, after her nap, we drove over to Calvert City to play a few holes. Let's just say after she warmed up to the idea, she did Daddy proud.

Teeing off was a little tricky. Her wiffle ball wouldn't stay on the tee it was so windy. So Daddy had to help her tee up a real ball. Maybe next time we can work on form.

Lining up the putt. Her idea of lining up is taking her ball and placing it about an inch from the hole. Pretty smart if you ask me :) She enjoyed using Byron's putter more so than her little plastic one. I guess Santa better start looking for a mini set because Nat likes the real deal.

The best part...after she hit it in the hole. She grabs her ball, throws her arms up in the air and screams "I did it!" It was priceless.

Tallying up their score.

And in usual Natalie style she had to splash in every puddle she came across.


Dodging Tornados

So what do you on Friday afternoon when tornados literally are a stones throw from your house? Well Nat sleeps through most of them, they let me go home and early and later you break out the camera and goof off because it's to wet and yucky to go outside.

Mommy reading to Nat...

and then we switched.

Silly and sweet.

Now lets see who's paying attention. Nat decided to nose dive on my side just about the time Byron snapped off about 6 pictures in a row. Can you tell what I was mouthing... Oh Sh*! :)