Going on a Egg Hunt

After a visit to Nan's Saturday morning we took Natalie to an egg hunt out at the church. We were a little slow getting down the hill to the eggs so Nat only got one egg, but notice the handful of dum dum suckers, that's all she was worried about.

A little comparison picture - amazing how much difference just a year makes.

Pretty sure every picture of Natalie that day she had some type of candy in her mouth.

We also had an egg hunt at Mal's house in between storms. Jack hated the wet grass so Levi had to hold him and just let him grab his eggs.

Brady & Karly raced to see who could get the most. I think Karly won by maybe 3 eggs.

All she wanted was the candy. I think she's sneaking some of Brady's candy while he isn't looking.

Later at home Nat counted her money. She got one egg from Granny and found two golden eggs at Mal's house. She came away with $5. What's really funny is when we drove home yesterday I asked her if she wanted to use it for a Happy Meal and she frowned at me and said "my monies, momma."

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Amy said...

Wow, already thinking about what to do with your money, huh, girl? Don't let mommy or daddy talk you out of it... Too funny about the McDonald's trip. Love you guys!!