Good Friday Golfing

Byron has been waiting to take Natalie golfing for over two years. So Friday, after her nap, we drove over to Calvert City to play a few holes. Let's just say after she warmed up to the idea, she did Daddy proud.

Teeing off was a little tricky. Her wiffle ball wouldn't stay on the tee it was so windy. So Daddy had to help her tee up a real ball. Maybe next time we can work on form.

Lining up the putt. Her idea of lining up is taking her ball and placing it about an inch from the hole. Pretty smart if you ask me :) She enjoyed using Byron's putter more so than her little plastic one. I guess Santa better start looking for a mini set because Nat likes the real deal.

The best part...after she hit it in the hole. She grabs her ball, throws her arms up in the air and screams "I did it!" It was priceless.

Tallying up their score.

And in usual Natalie style she had to splash in every puddle she came across.


Amy said...

Natalie - you look like a true champion. I know daddy was proud!
Enjoyed seeing you guys over the weekend. The pics are awesome.

Flossie said...

What a fun day! I'm sure Byron told her she won, right? RIGHT?!