Time to Color Some Eggs

We started the tradition last year of going over to Karla's house and letting the little ones decorate their eggs for Easter. Last year was pretty tame since really only Karly and Brady knew what was going on. Not this year though. Let's see in the first five minutes Kody and Nat tried to eat a hard-boiled egg, shell still attached. Natalie thought the dye tablets were sweet tarts and ate an orange one before Grammie could even blink. It was quite interesting. Kody dumped the yellow cup all down my leg which turned my feet yellow. Poor Jack wouldn't even touch them for fear of getting his hands dirty. It was a lot of chaos but that's what making memories is all about...right?

The kids couldn't really play outside thanks to all the nasty weather so they decorated Karla's back porch for her.

Time to get down to business. Nat didn't play around when it came to decorating her eggs. She preferred to paint hers with a kit Mallery had. I think she has a little of her momma in her when it comes to details. Just look at that concentration.

This is what your tongue looks like after eating an orange dye tablet. I thought Mom was going to pee her pants from laughing so hard.

Brady did a great job dying his eggs and Jack trying to decide if it's really worth getting all over his fingers or not.


Karly did the shrink wrap eggs this year in groovy peace signs and smiley faces.

She had just smashed a hollowed out egg on PaPaw's leg.

Worn plum out. Golfing and painting eggs will wear a girl out.

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Flossie said...

I loved your recount of the egg dying! That is exactly what it would be like if we tried to dye eggs with my sister's kids. They came over after church yesterday, and before we could even get pictures made, her 2nd had mud all over his shirt. And I'm not even sure he'd been outside. :)