Just One More Christmas

Nat spent the week between Christmas and New Year's in Kentucky spending some extra time with all the grandparents. She's due to start a new school Jan 3 and we had a week in between of no child care. Luckily the grandparents were off work and more than willing to watch Miss Priss.

Vann and Sue brought her back down yesterday so we could celebrate a belated Christmas with them and ring in the new year.
Man when she pulled out the tin of popcorn she thought she had won the lottery! This child can eat popcorn like it's going out of style. Funny thing is, she won't touch the carmel and cheese flavors in the tin, at least not yet. She may be singing a different tune when the plain runs out. 

Nana and PaPaw did let Nat open one present back in KY. It was a brand new bike! It's going to take a few tries to realize she can't pedal backwards like on a tricycle but she loves it. She can now ride in the cul-de-sac with the other kids. 

Later that evening Byron acquired a miniature sous chef. She helped by pulling off the Thyme leaves for his lobster bisque. 


Christmas Weekend

As always around this time we had a jammed pack holiday weekend with lots of family, great food and more than enough presents. Nat finally got to bake some Christmas cookies for Santa thanks to her Aunts Amy and Angie. However silly mommy forgot her memory card and this was the only picture I managed to get. There's always next year ;)

After the children's Christmas Mass we spent Christmas Even at Nan's. We enjoyed the best breakfast anyone could ask for. It was nice to have the extra time there and not feel so rushed on Christmas morning. Nat even hammed it up for in front of the camera after a little coaching from Angie.


Christmas morning we actually had to wake Nat up around 7 because we were all waiting on her.  She took her good sweet time opening gifts. She'd open one, try it out and then after a little persuasion open another one. At first I thought she was going to stop with the Color Wonder books. Thank goodness Mom and Dad's gift was last because that was the big hit! She loves on the thing to the point Bogey might just get jealous.
And last but definitely not least, we made it over to Granny's. She just loved being around all the other kiddos as much as anything. 


Blog Dump

I'll spare you the "I'm a bad blogger" speech and just recap the last week or so.

December 14 - At least everything other week or so Nat falls asleep in my lap watching TV. I guess time just catches up with her and she needs the extra sleep. This is exactly how she feel asleep while we were watching the X Factor. Byron just couldn't get over how long and skinny her leg looked.

December 16 - Little Red Cupcake, NEVER AGAIN! Oh Holy Messes I don't know what I was thinking   when I bought these for Nat's Christmas party at school. I apologized to Ms. Felicia numerous times the following day. Imagine 12 little beings with faces and hands like this:
December 19 - We cheated on the baking Christmas cookies this year. I'm pregnant and tired right now and I just don't have the patience to make them from scratch right now. Next year I'm PROMISE we will roll out the dough, break out the cookie cutters and let her ice and sprinkle them until her heart is content.

The next Martha Stewart


Best Picture EVER!

Byron and I cannot for the life of us figure out how they got her sit so straight, hands folded and smiling from ear to ear (with her eyes open)! But this is just a precious picture.


It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas

Well at least on the inside :) Pretty sure it was in the upper 70s over the weekend, we had the door open for the better part of Saturday and Nat got to go the park without a coat.

Anyways slowly but surely we have dug out the decorations and decked the house for Christmas. The tree has been out since the day we came back from Thanksgiving, thanks to someone (Byron) promising Natalie on the car ride home. And now I can finally say everything else is out, hung and lit.

Oh and she's found her elf. Right now she says his name is Rudolph, at least that was the first thing that came out of her mouth. I know she's not suppose to touch it but she doesn't quite "get it" yet so I think Santa will let it slide.

She even put him in time out Sunday because she found him in her stocking head first stuck! She just rolled her eyes, told me "Momma get him down" and then preceded to shake her finger and all I could make out was "no this, no that" and then he got put in the corner of the hearth all day.

Time for the fun stuff! Our tree is a little bottom heavy but God forbid if I move any of the ornaments or suggest where she hang them. There's quite a few on the very back of the tree that no one will ever see but I think she liked sneaking behind it and doing it anyways.


Our Little Bean

This is what I have nicknamed this new little person until we find out the gender. At 7weeks 6days everything looks great. Heartbeat was 177. I am measuring a little bigger, more like 8weeks, 4days which would put my due date closer to July 8th instead of the 13th but the the doctor said anytime after the holiday would work for her.

Personally this one looks a little fatter than Nat did at 7 weeks but I guess it could be the angle.

So let the predictions begin! We won't find out the sex until Feb.