Blog Dump

I'll spare you the "I'm a bad blogger" speech and just recap the last week or so.

December 14 - At least everything other week or so Nat falls asleep in my lap watching TV. I guess time just catches up with her and she needs the extra sleep. This is exactly how she feel asleep while we were watching the X Factor. Byron just couldn't get over how long and skinny her leg looked.

December 16 - Little Red Cupcake, NEVER AGAIN! Oh Holy Messes I don't know what I was thinking   when I bought these for Nat's Christmas party at school. I apologized to Ms. Felicia numerous times the following day. Imagine 12 little beings with faces and hands like this:
December 19 - We cheated on the baking Christmas cookies this year. I'm pregnant and tired right now and I just don't have the patience to make them from scratch right now. Next year I'm PROMISE we will roll out the dough, break out the cookie cutters and let her ice and sprinkle them until her heart is content.

The next Martha Stewart

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Amy said...

Nat - Can't wait to see you... maybe while you are in Kentucky you can come to Nan's and we can bake some cookies. It will be fun.
Love you all