Christmas Weekend

As always around this time we had a jammed pack holiday weekend with lots of family, great food and more than enough presents. Nat finally got to bake some Christmas cookies for Santa thanks to her Aunts Amy and Angie. However silly mommy forgot her memory card and this was the only picture I managed to get. There's always next year ;)

After the children's Christmas Mass we spent Christmas Even at Nan's. We enjoyed the best breakfast anyone could ask for. It was nice to have the extra time there and not feel so rushed on Christmas morning. Nat even hammed it up for in front of the camera after a little coaching from Angie.


Christmas morning we actually had to wake Nat up around 7 because we were all waiting on her.  She took her good sweet time opening gifts. She'd open one, try it out and then after a little persuasion open another one. At first I thought she was going to stop with the Color Wonder books. Thank goodness Mom and Dad's gift was last because that was the big hit! She loves on the thing to the point Bogey might just get jealous.
And last but definitely not least, we made it over to Granny's. She just loved being around all the other kiddos as much as anything. 


Jennifer said...

I love the first pic of her in her chair, lookin all business like! Looks like she really scored.

Flossie said...

Love the little Christmas dress! She looks too cute in it.