It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas

Well at least on the inside :) Pretty sure it was in the upper 70s over the weekend, we had the door open for the better part of Saturday and Nat got to go the park without a coat.

Anyways slowly but surely we have dug out the decorations and decked the house for Christmas. The tree has been out since the day we came back from Thanksgiving, thanks to someone (Byron) promising Natalie on the car ride home. And now I can finally say everything else is out, hung and lit.

Oh and she's found her elf. Right now she says his name is Rudolph, at least that was the first thing that came out of her mouth. I know she's not suppose to touch it but she doesn't quite "get it" yet so I think Santa will let it slide.

She even put him in time out Sunday because she found him in her stocking head first stuck! She just rolled her eyes, told me "Momma get him down" and then preceded to shake her finger and all I could make out was "no this, no that" and then he got put in the corner of the hearth all day.

Time for the fun stuff! Our tree is a little bottom heavy but God forbid if I move any of the ornaments or suggest where she hang them. There's quite a few on the very back of the tree that no one will ever see but I think she liked sneaking behind it and doing it anyways.

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