Our Little Bean

This is what I have nicknamed this new little person until we find out the gender. At 7weeks 6days everything looks great. Heartbeat was 177. I am measuring a little bigger, more like 8weeks, 4days which would put my due date closer to July 8th instead of the 13th but the the doctor said anytime after the holiday would work for her.

Personally this one looks a little fatter than Nat did at 7 weeks but I guess it could be the angle.

So let the predictions begin! We won't find out the sex until Feb.


Joy said...

Boy or girl, this little "bean" will be blessed with amazing parents, a sweet big sis and a wonderful family that will love him/her unconditionally.

Flossie said...

Congratulations! So exciting! Hmmm...I think I'm going to guess a bouncy baby boy...perhaps a future Wildcat???

Amy said...

Boy... just guessing for fun. Regardless, I can't wait and am excited for you all.