Thanksgiving in KY

Naturally we drove home to be with our families for Thanksgiving. We ate turkey and dressing at least 3 different times, and Nat had her share of all it. If we're lucky she might actually pack on a pound or two before her 2 year old appointment :)
First stop Nans, she couldn't decide if she wanted to watch the football game or eat.

Later that evening at Nana's. She just couldn't wait to dig into the pie.

Mulligan, full and sleeping. Imagine that.

Trying to get ready to head back to Grammies. This is what she managed to do while I was getting ready. I don't even know where all the rubber bands came from.

Helping Grammie put up her tree. She literally got in and closed the top of it on herself. Silly girl.

And this is what they wanted to play in while we were loading up the cars Sunday morning. Kaitlyn, Natalie and two empty beer boxes.


More Crafts

Here's Nat finishing up her craft we brought home from BassPro. Don't worry the glue stick had dried up so she was just pretending since they were stickers.

And what a better way to get in the Christmas spirit than to channel Santa with a bubble beard?


My Graffiti Artist

I'm pretty sure Byron's been teaching Nat how to draw on everything but the sidewalk with her chalk. I often come home to little drawings and notes on our patio table from him and now Nat's taken to drawing on the side of the house. Good thing it just hoses right off :) And yes this was taken Sunday, late November, and the child has on shorts and a t-shirt. Gotta love that MS weather.


Crafts at Santa's Winter Wonderland

We got out this afternoon and took Nat to the BassPro Shop to their Winter Wonderland. It was a really neat experience even if we didn't get to see Santa. He was off eating with is reindeer, but she had just as much trying her hand at their target practice, running around on a pontoon and climbing on the 4-wheelers. Then she sat down and colored a photo. We almost couldn't get her out of there. She loved coloring with the markers and only managed to get a little bit on her hands. They had a craft that we decided to bring home and do since they were out of glue. Now we have something to do tomorrow.


Moon Dough Sunday

We've been enjoy our weekends at home doing as little as possible. Other than sneaking down to the playground after naps we've been pretty lazy. The weather's been hit or miss with rain so we've had to find things to do indoors.

This is where the moon dough comes into play. Byron saw a commercial for it on Nick Jr and thought it was really cool looking. When I came home Thursday from work I surprised him (not Nat) with a little mini kit. Well let's just say we aren't fans. It doesn't stick together very well, it just crumbles and leaves little pieces everywhere. If you are going to use it just be prepared to get the vacuum out afterwards or have a drop cloth that you can just take outside and shake off.

Of course Nat loves it. She thinks it is so neat to shove the dough in the house and out pops this little dog. So we got up this morning put the tarp down and let her play.

Cranking out a little dog.

The many face of Nat, showing off her dog. She gives it a little kiss before she shoves it back into the house.

Making a T-bone for her dog to eat. It's a really neat toy but look at all the pieces on the mat. I think a couple of cans of play dough may be in our future.

Later in the afternoon we switched to crayons.

And when all else fails...get out the shopping cart. She loves to be pushed around while Mulligan nips at her feet. Anything that aggravates Mulligan is fun to her.

And as the day comes to an end, the whole gang snuggles up on the couch. Nat & Mulligan often fight over Byron's lap :)


Hotty Toddy!

So this is strictly to pester Amy since we still haven't gotten our UK stuff :)

I forgot I had bought this little outfit at WalMart last year on clearance but stumbled upon it as I was putting up Nat's summer clothes. It's a 3T so it's still plenty big but Nat had fun dancing around in it. Hopefully she can wear it next year and Ole Miss football will be better too.

And don't worry Amy she was actually saying "go blue" the whole time.


Trunk O Treat

We celebrated Halloween in KY with my family at the St. Jerome's Trunk-o-Treat Fall Bash. To my surprise Natalie wore her wings and headband really well. As long as we were moving and she wasn't wrestling Brady (pics to follow) they didn't seem to bother her to much.

Here she is getting ready. This is best I could do to get the full outfit.

We stopped at Nan & Granddaddy's to visit a little before. She just loved playing with Angie's dog Rudy. Unlike our dogs he actually listens when she says sit.

Kicking off the Fall Bash. We had Jon Cena (wrestler), Fred Flintstone, a ladybug, pumpkin, giraffe and Clint Eastwood.

This was our entertainment for the evening. WWE Smackdown at the Toon camper. Natalie getting taken down by Brady :) She'd jump back up and growl at him, then they'd both fall down and repeat. I don't think Brady is used to having a girl play this hard with him.

Then we had the Showdown...

Jackson checking out Kody's tail and probably wondering if he can eat it.

Brenton "aka Fred" and Nate

Our first stop. She made it to about 5 or 6 cars before she unwrapped a sucker and I had to carry her.

Terry and her cheese head costume.

Most of the costumes didn't even bother her. She kept hitting this thing if we got to close. She even went into a haunted trailer by herself to get candy. Can we say no fear and independent?

One tired little monkey who just needed a cat nap.

By far THE BEST costume of the night! Props to Marilyn for having the nerve to pull it off.

This was the kids pumpkin carving contest. Notice Brady down front soliciting for Mom to put her change in his jar...he later took first place.

I can't tell if Nat is giving the big girls an earful or vice versa, but either way she loves being with Karly.

She ate more candy that afternoon than I think she has in her hole 21.5 months of life. She crashed pretty early but didn't sleep worth a flip from all the sugar. Lesson learned for next year I guess.

Trying to rock out to the radio. Nathan was trying real hard to get her to hold her fingers like the Longhorns do and shake her head.