Bikini Babe

I took the plunge and made Natalie a two piece bathing suit. I love that I can modify it to fit her non-existent booty so it stays put. No one likes a wedgies at the pool :) She wore it today for Beach Day at school.

Doughnuts with Dad

To celebrate Fathers Day, St Paul had "doughnuts with Dad" today. According to Byron Nat could have cared less when he left but I'm glad he got to go. The kids are always asking if Natalie has a Daddy because I'm always the one dropping her off and picking her up.

It was also nursery rhyme day. It took me forever to think up a character, I need to brush on stuff other than princesses and fairies. Anyway, I whipped up a Little Red Riding Hood cape for Natalie. It gets the point across and is easy enough for her take off during nap time.

11 months, 1 week, and 2 days

We can finally say Harper has a tooth! Front middle has finally broken through. I'm guessing by her birthday she'll have a mouthful :)

No pictures yet. That would be group effort. Me with the camera, Byron holding her down and Natalie trying to make her laugh.


Who's Embarrassing Who?

I know there will plenty of times in the all too near future that I will be an embarrassment to Natalie. But lets just say Nat got a head start on me this afternoon.

I picked her up early to go to the park. After an hour of swinging and sliding we were HOT! However the fountains weren't turned on due to too much chlorine. So we load up and head across the street to another little splash fountain. It's pretty unimpressive in comparative, but water shooting out of any spout is  guaranteed to get Nat's attention.

We hadn't even been there 5 minutes when Nat proclaims "Look Mom, I'm peeing"! I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. Of course I turned 3 more shades of red (the heat is awful) and wanted to crawl in hole, but all I could do was laugh, especially as all the other parents looked at me like I had three heads. It really was one of those moments where I didn't know whether to high five her or act like she wasn't mine.

Just a little proof they can be sweet and loving.


Taking the Plunge

After almost a year of sewing for the girls and friends, I am finally opening up a little page, Lizzie Grace Boutique, in Facebook land to try and sell things. I'd like to focus on baby items and, obviously, girls clothing. I'm still trying to take better pictures of things I've made (when my lovely model, Nat, is in the mood) and figure out price points.

Here are just a few things I've been working on...

I'm not going to lie, this was suppose to be a dress, BUT the pattern was marked wrong. Now Nat has a nice cute tunic to wear :) I really hope to find some knits to make these little dresses in time for football and basketball season. I'm thinking a blue/white combo with C-A-T-S! monogrammed on the front would be perfect this fall. (Yes, I will do other schools but I will draw the line at Louisville and Duke products), or at least charge more :)

Sweet little summer maxi, that Nat just loves to twirl in. Bonus, it will probably still fit next year and make a cute dress/tunic.

Not to be left out, I do make Harper the occasional outfit. Almost all my patterns start at 6-12m, but until she's walking really well, long dresses are out of the question.

I also love making separates like this little bubble top. Ruffle capri/pants are also on my to-do list.

There you have it. Just a sneak peek at what's been keeping me busy, besides Harper. And even though it's not even July, I think I'm going to start listing some Fall items and Christmas pjs.


The Silly Things Kids Do

I don't even know where to start. I'll let the pics speak for themselves. The other night I hear Nat yell "Mom, come look at me". There is what I found in the kitchen, yes she's 4.5, and in her baby sister's walker. At least someone is getting some use out of it.

Like I have said before if I'm at home during the day and it gets too quiet, Harper has usually gone off upstairs or is in the dogs water bowl. For a while, I just had the baby gate laying across the bottom step. It was enough to keep the dogs out and I ASSumed it would keep Harper off of them as well. Somehow she turns into a little stealth ninja and manages to crawl over it without making a peep. Now the gate is locked in it's fully upright position :)

We snuck in a trip to the park this week. It's been either crazy hot or raining but this park has canopies over the play areas which makes it a little more bearable.
Both girls in baby swings...

Like I said it's hot, even when you get home at 4pm from school. Sometimes the sprinkler just won't cut it.


11 months old

Oh me, oh my the time has flown by. In less than a month our littlest "goober" will turn one. I don't know that too much has changed since last month but boy is she a handful.

I hate to say this but Harper's kinda mean, or maybe that's just a second child thing. She is constantly trying to pull Nat's hair or smack her in the face, even when she's paying attention to her. She's a taker, not a giver at this point. She's got a frown that would have made Granddaddy Nathan turn to mush. But she always follows it up with a big, toothless, grin.

Don't get me wrong though. The bond I see between Harper and Nat is sweet too. I've caught them many times in the bedroom or in the bathtub, squealing and laughing so loud I thought they both were crying.

She still eats like a horse. She can keep pace with Natalie already :) We are officially done with formula and bottles. She didn't miss either one.

She's mastered crawling, pulling up, sitting down and crawling up the stairs! Anytime things get too quiet around the house that usually means she has hightailed it upstairs or is playing in the dog's water. I have even caught her standing without help for a few seconds. Then she realizes what she's doing, plops down and cries.

You still have ZERO teeth. God help us the week all 8 do decide to break through. They are really close, I can see them forming, but she has been pretty tolerable about the whole thing.

You are still a screamer, but when you do "talk" it's such a soft, sweet little voice. I swear you said Bogey the other day, but mama, dada, na-na (Nat) and daw (dog) are pretty regular.

You are in a full-on, I only want my mommy to hold me phase. Yeah, that's not fun. We went home over Memorial weekend and I had to be out of sight for anyone to be able to play with you.

There you have it, Harper's last month in a nutshell. Now onto the pics, courtesy of Natalie :)


Fun in the Water

Summer has finally found its way down to Mississippi and I don't think it's going anywhere. What's that mean for the girls? LOTS of time in the water, in any form.

Found out Saturday Harper likes playing in the water in a smaller capacity. She loves to get wet but hates (see previous post) sitting in cold water, and who can blame her. I can entertain her with just a few buckets full of water.

Natalie on the other hand, requires something a little bigger, like a trip to the Splash Pad! She made friends with the sweetest (and talkative) little girl named Mykala. God bless her, she may have talked my ear off, but she played with Natalie most of the day so I could read my Kindle.

Natalie found this little gem hidden away in a cabinet. I had kinda forgotten about it, and I think there is a tent that goes along with it. Either way, her and Harper (and maybe even the dogs) have had fun crawling through it.