11 months old

Oh me, oh my the time has flown by. In less than a month our littlest "goober" will turn one. I don't know that too much has changed since last month but boy is she a handful.

I hate to say this but Harper's kinda mean, or maybe that's just a second child thing. She is constantly trying to pull Nat's hair or smack her in the face, even when she's paying attention to her. She's a taker, not a giver at this point. She's got a frown that would have made Granddaddy Nathan turn to mush. But she always follows it up with a big, toothless, grin.

Don't get me wrong though. The bond I see between Harper and Nat is sweet too. I've caught them many times in the bedroom or in the bathtub, squealing and laughing so loud I thought they both were crying.

She still eats like a horse. She can keep pace with Natalie already :) We are officially done with formula and bottles. She didn't miss either one.

She's mastered crawling, pulling up, sitting down and crawling up the stairs! Anytime things get too quiet around the house that usually means she has hightailed it upstairs or is playing in the dog's water. I have even caught her standing without help for a few seconds. Then she realizes what she's doing, plops down and cries.

You still have ZERO teeth. God help us the week all 8 do decide to break through. They are really close, I can see them forming, but she has been pretty tolerable about the whole thing.

You are still a screamer, but when you do "talk" it's such a soft, sweet little voice. I swear you said Bogey the other day, but mama, dada, na-na (Nat) and daw (dog) are pretty regular.

You are in a full-on, I only want my mommy to hold me phase. Yeah, that's not fun. We went home over Memorial weekend and I had to be out of sight for anyone to be able to play with you.

There you have it, Harper's last month in a nutshell. Now onto the pics, courtesy of Natalie :)

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