Who's Embarrassing Who?

I know there will plenty of times in the all too near future that I will be an embarrassment to Natalie. But lets just say Nat got a head start on me this afternoon.

I picked her up early to go to the park. After an hour of swinging and sliding we were HOT! However the fountains weren't turned on due to too much chlorine. So we load up and head across the street to another little splash fountain. It's pretty unimpressive in comparative, but water shooting out of any spout is  guaranteed to get Nat's attention.

We hadn't even been there 5 minutes when Nat proclaims "Look Mom, I'm peeing"! I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. Of course I turned 3 more shades of red (the heat is awful) and wanted to crawl in hole, but all I could do was laugh, especially as all the other parents looked at me like I had three heads. It really was one of those moments where I didn't know whether to high five her or act like she wasn't mine.

Just a little proof they can be sweet and loving.

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