Adventures in Sewing

I'm still sewing and testing patterns, which means more adorable pictures of the girls in frilly, twirly, over-the-top outfits :) For those of you not on Facebook, here ya go:

First up a twirly dress like no other, and although it wasn't a difficult sew, it's ALOT of fabric. I think 12 panels total.

Not to be outdone by big sis, there is this little cutie. Looks like a simple knot dress from the front but it's all party and ruffles in the back!

I tried my hand at my "gymnastics" type top. 4 way stretch knit is not my friend. I have made Nat a bathing suit and it was nowhere near as much of a pain as this little top, but it's bright and cheery and Nat loves it.

Now for something totally new, matching doll clothes! At first, I was hesitant and it can be quite a pain to get those itty bitty waist lines feeding through the serger, but the look on Natalie's face the first time she saw it was all I needed to be hooked.


Beating the Heat

It's hard to do this time of year down here but the girls insist on playing outside and I know it won't kill them, but it might me :)

We took Bogey for a walk Sunday and we had barely made it .2 of a mile before Natalie was like
"Mom, are you sweating"?
"Yes, a little"
"Me too and I don't like it. It's all down my back. I need a break in the shade."

Needless to say it was a quick walk, with at least 3 stops and lots of whining towards the end. That will probably be the last time we walk Bogey until Christmas.

Harper usually just sticks to the playhouse at back. In the afternoons after the sun goes behind the house it's not too bad.


Reclaiming Our House

I can not tell you how many times a day I pick up toys from the living room, only to have Harper dump her bin 5 seconds later. And Nat, she drags all her crayons, colored pencils and markers out almost every night and "forgets" to put them away. I also have a cozy coupe, scooter, and 2 bicycles throughout my house at any given moment.

Solution: Make a Playroom

We have discussed it for months now. How nice it would be to have one central place for all their junk, I mean toys. I have spent the better part of a week cleaning out our sewing/office/spare bedroom, painting walls and sorting through Natalie's bottomless pit of a toy box. The only thing left in either girls rooms are their books and stuffed animals for the most part.

Nat enjoyed helping me paint and she's very good. She's just as picky as I am about the details (no surprise there). After we get the walls decorated I'll take some after shots, but I was so glad to see that yellow go.

These are the old daybed mattresses we are Goodwilling IF the girls don't destroy them beforehand. Who knew two old mattresses could provide entertainment for a 1,4 and 9 year old. Heck Mulligan even scooted down it once, more out of necessity, but still funny to watch.

Harper was hell bent on not being left out.


Water Fun

This is what happens when you let your 4 year old water your sad looking flowers. Harper couldn't get out of my arms fast enough and into the water. Contrary to what people may believe Natalie did not get in trouble for squirting her. My only rule was that she not squirt her directly in the face (although she probably wouldn't have minded). Natalie got as close as she could without breaking any rules.

I have also started letting Harper take a bath without her ring. She totally blew my mind one night. I put her in the ring, walked around the corner to get her clothes, came back and the child was out of the ring standing at the side of the tub like this.
After bath. She still thinks she needs to accessorize. It's funny how Natalie hates anything in her hair and Harper is always picking up headbands and bows and "putting" them on her head.