Water Fun

This is what happens when you let your 4 year old water your sad looking flowers. Harper couldn't get out of my arms fast enough and into the water. Contrary to what people may believe Natalie did not get in trouble for squirting her. My only rule was that she not squirt her directly in the face (although she probably wouldn't have minded). Natalie got as close as she could without breaking any rules.

I have also started letting Harper take a bath without her ring. She totally blew my mind one night. I put her in the ring, walked around the corner to get her clothes, came back and the child was out of the ring standing at the side of the tub like this.
After bath. She still thinks she needs to accessorize. It's funny how Natalie hates anything in her hair and Harper is always picking up headbands and bows and "putting" them on her head.

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