Reclaiming Our House

I can not tell you how many times a day I pick up toys from the living room, only to have Harper dump her bin 5 seconds later. And Nat, she drags all her crayons, colored pencils and markers out almost every night and "forgets" to put them away. I also have a cozy coupe, scooter, and 2 bicycles throughout my house at any given moment.

Solution: Make a Playroom

We have discussed it for months now. How nice it would be to have one central place for all their junk, I mean toys. I have spent the better part of a week cleaning out our sewing/office/spare bedroom, painting walls and sorting through Natalie's bottomless pit of a toy box. The only thing left in either girls rooms are their books and stuffed animals for the most part.

Nat enjoyed helping me paint and she's very good. She's just as picky as I am about the details (no surprise there). After we get the walls decorated I'll take some after shots, but I was so glad to see that yellow go.

These are the old daybed mattresses we are Goodwilling IF the girls don't destroy them beforehand. Who knew two old mattresses could provide entertainment for a 1,4 and 9 year old. Heck Mulligan even scooted down it once, more out of necessity, but still funny to watch.

Harper was hell bent on not being left out.

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Flossie said...

We made our dining room into a play room a few months ago. I liked the idea of the kids playing in there while I cooked supper or whatever. Not to discourage you, but we still have toys everywhere. I think we just need a toy PURGE.

Harper reminds me of Sydney. She is GOING to do everything Sam does, and then some. We can never get those two girls together...the world might explode. ;)