Playing House

Natalie has finally gotten to play with her Christmas present from Nana & PaPaw. They got her a little outdoor playhouse but we didn't have room to bring the big ole thing home. Sue brought it down (with a ton of other stuff) and we set up in the back yard. Nat LOVES it! She has spent every waking moment out there, weather permitting. This afternoon she got a little broom to help keep it nice and tidy.


Spring has Sprung

At least in Mississippi. I think (knock on wood) all the cold, icy weather is gone. So be prepared for lots of outdoor pictures of Natalie sitting and playing outside. Sunday it was so nice I just left the back door open and let her and dogs come and go as they pleased. I actually got the whole kitchen cleaned before I heard "momma".

Turns out Nat had swiped Byron's Beer Recipe Book off the bakers rack and was browsing throw it at her little table, all while sipping on my Diet Mt. Dew. Oops, I forget sometimes that she can reach just about anything these days.

Later I got a little worried because she was so quiet--to quiet-- and I found her lounging on the couch eating her grapes watching NickJr.

After nap we got the tape measure out to figure out if we could fit a full size bed in her room and she still have room to play. Needless to say I didn't get much measuring done. I think she had other plans...like seeing if we could add on to her closet :)


My Sweet Valentine

Byron and I celebrated our Valentines after Nat went to bed Saturday night, but we waited to give Natalie her stuff until yesterday. First she had to show me her t-ball skills. She can hit the ball really well, when she wants to. She'd much prefer to run after the ball and throw it back to you. I love softball so this will definitely be a sport I hope Nat likes to play as well.

Now for the good stuff, chocolates, pez, candy necklaces, stickers and fairy wings! What more could a girl ask for? And you have to notice her shirt has a little Mulligan on it. It's hard to find girly stuff with dogs on it, much less a bulldog, but it was so cute.

Me trying to sneak a shot with my little valentine.


Beautiful Sunday Morning

We survived the night with a busted lip. A little Tylenol did the trick and she slept like normal. Of course today it's starting to scab over and she looks worse than she feels. We got up today and ate our Cheerios outside. Hopefully later today we can get down to park and just enjoy being outside in this gorgeous weather without anymore boo-boos.


Nat vs. Asphalt

The asphalt won.

Now we have had our share of pop knots, bruises and I'm pretty sure she's even busted her lip once before but this takes the cake.

A little back story before anyone calls the cops on me. We were out walking with Bogey. Nat wanted to get out of the stroller and stretch her legs, which she does often. Well she and Bogey got tangled up and she fell...HARD. I immediately scooped her up and just started wiping blood off her face. I looked like I had been in a drive-by by the time I got home. She didn't cry all that much, she just wanted her Daddy, and to our surprise she didn't come up ready to rip Bogey a new one like she normally does when they knock her over. I honestly think she was hurting to much to care.

By the time we walked back home she settled down long enough for us to survey the damages. Pop knot to the head, bloody nose and huge busted lip. But a few kisses and hugs from Daddy and some ravioli and all was fine. Bedtime may be a different story since it may hurt to suck her thumb, but only time will tell.


It's Snowing Momma

Ok, so I have the cutest video of Natalie dancing around in the snow and here's a picture of my little miss matched child enjoy what little snow we got.


Super Bowl Sunday

Byron and I have realized two things this past weekend that have drastically changed since having Natalie. You don't quite party for New Years and Super Bowl like you normally would. We used to go to friends houses, drink and eat to much and spend most of the next day sleeping it off.

Now we are a little more PG, heck we may even be more G rated than anything. We stay home, maybe drink a six pack and cook for ourselves. Oh well, such is life, and we are ok with it. Besides nothing beats watching (I mean dancing) the halftime show with Natalie and turning in by 10.

BTW we were for the Packers, who kicked butt. We made Buffalo Turds (jalapeno poppers), black bean salsa, spinach dip, jambalaya and Nat's favorite for the night...beanie weenies. She thought it was so fun to eat with toothpicks.


Ice Day

We haven't had much snow this year. We seem to always be on the outside of the storm which means at best we get ice. And in case you didn't know people from MS (not me, I still claim KY as my home) can't drive in this mess. So Friday I got an "ice day". Nat and I had a pretty lazy day. We played play-doh, watched movies, napped but by bed time we were getting cabin fever to put it mildly. Byron often jokes that we wouldn't last a week together at home all the time, and well maybe he's right, or maybe it's just knowing that it's to cold to go outside and to dangerous to drive anywhere, so you are literally stuck.

Nat took to emptying her make-shift toy box in the middle of the living room. She dug out stuff I didn't even know she had.

My little fairy, found her wand. Pretty sure she was wishing for better weather...soon! Oh, her little night shirt is one of my old ones I used to sleep in at Nans.

7 pm - this pretty much sums it all up.


Rainy Sunday

Man our perfect weather was short lived. We made the most of our Sunday by being completely lazy. I mean don't even get out of your pjs kind of lazy. Well Nat didn't really wear pjs all day but the ladybug costume made another appearance. I don't know what her obsession is with that thing but that was her outfit of choice after she woke up from a nap. Whatever gets us through a rainy day works for me. She also had her first go with some play-doh she received for her birthday. It was a big, BIG hit!