Spring has Sprung

At least in Mississippi. I think (knock on wood) all the cold, icy weather is gone. So be prepared for lots of outdoor pictures of Natalie sitting and playing outside. Sunday it was so nice I just left the back door open and let her and dogs come and go as they pleased. I actually got the whole kitchen cleaned before I heard "momma".

Turns out Nat had swiped Byron's Beer Recipe Book off the bakers rack and was browsing throw it at her little table, all while sipping on my Diet Mt. Dew. Oops, I forget sometimes that she can reach just about anything these days.

Later I got a little worried because she was so quiet--to quiet-- and I found her lounging on the couch eating her grapes watching NickJr.

After nap we got the tape measure out to figure out if we could fit a full size bed in her room and she still have room to play. Needless to say I didn't get much measuring done. I think she had other plans...like seeing if we could add on to her closet :)


Flossie said...

I love seeing the pictures of Nat's spunk! I'm so jealous of the warm weather. Send some this way, please!

Hilary said...

So friggin' cute! I love how she put her baby doll in time out as she kicked back on the couch.