Super Bowl Sunday

Byron and I have realized two things this past weekend that have drastically changed since having Natalie. You don't quite party for New Years and Super Bowl like you normally would. We used to go to friends houses, drink and eat to much and spend most of the next day sleeping it off.

Now we are a little more PG, heck we may even be more G rated than anything. We stay home, maybe drink a six pack and cook for ourselves. Oh well, such is life, and we are ok with it. Besides nothing beats watching (I mean dancing) the halftime show with Natalie and turning in by 10.

BTW we were for the Packers, who kicked butt. We made Buffalo Turds (jalapeno poppers), black bean salsa, spinach dip, jambalaya and Nat's favorite for the night...beanie weenies. She thought it was so fun to eat with toothpicks.

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