Nat vs. Asphalt

The asphalt won.

Now we have had our share of pop knots, bruises and I'm pretty sure she's even busted her lip once before but this takes the cake.

A little back story before anyone calls the cops on me. We were out walking with Bogey. Nat wanted to get out of the stroller and stretch her legs, which she does often. Well she and Bogey got tangled up and she fell...HARD. I immediately scooped her up and just started wiping blood off her face. I looked like I had been in a drive-by by the time I got home. She didn't cry all that much, she just wanted her Daddy, and to our surprise she didn't come up ready to rip Bogey a new one like she normally does when they knock her over. I honestly think she was hurting to much to care.

By the time we walked back home she settled down long enough for us to survey the damages. Pop knot to the head, bloody nose and huge busted lip. But a few kisses and hugs from Daddy and some ravioli and all was fine. Bedtime may be a different story since it may hurt to suck her thumb, but only time will tell.


Flossie said...

Bless her heart! I think ice cream with each meal for a week would make me feel better...but that's just me.

Amy said...

You can tell her you got your two front teeth knocked out by you crazy 'ole Aunt. Maybe compare war stories with her. What a trooper! Man she looks like she really bit the dust...