Ice Day

We haven't had much snow this year. We seem to always be on the outside of the storm which means at best we get ice. And in case you didn't know people from MS (not me, I still claim KY as my home) can't drive in this mess. So Friday I got an "ice day". Nat and I had a pretty lazy day. We played play-doh, watched movies, napped but by bed time we were getting cabin fever to put it mildly. Byron often jokes that we wouldn't last a week together at home all the time, and well maybe he's right, or maybe it's just knowing that it's to cold to go outside and to dangerous to drive anywhere, so you are literally stuck.

Nat took to emptying her make-shift toy box in the middle of the living room. She dug out stuff I didn't even know she had.

My little fairy, found her wand. Pretty sure she was wishing for better weather...soon! Oh, her little night shirt is one of my old ones I used to sleep in at Nans.

7 pm - this pretty much sums it all up.

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