Oh Harper...

Harper's face these days are hilarious. Her personality is really starting to show and it couldn't be any more different than Nat's.

We have pouty Harper can turn a grown man to mush.

The "what the h-e-double hockey sticks" look

Cute and goofy...

And this is what happens when the thunder booms REALLY LOUD! She hightailed it to the door after that.


Lizard Sighting

There was a lizard running loose in my house Saturday! I wonder if Harper will love this costume like Nat did her ladybug outfit?


Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day! The girls and I have been blessed with some pretty awesome men in our lives. Big Big, PaPaw and Byron we ♥ y'all!


Sick & Bored

Unfortunately Natalie started off her summer with the mono virus. The child is now bored out of her mind since summer camp is out of the question until her fever is gone and her spleen and lymph nodes return to normal size. She's sleeping a lot but I've become desperate to find ways of entertaining her when she is awake. When in doubt, turn to Pinterest :) 
Freezer paper taped to the wall and paints were all we needed to start a beautiful wall mural. Natalie had to draw out her idea on paper first, then we transferred it to wall and painted.