Birthing 101

Well this past weekend was something Byron and I had dreaded for awhile now. Our hospital recommends all first time parents take a birthing class. UGH.

We opted for the weekend class instead of the 4 week class. I don't know that we learned a whole lot but it went fairly quickly. I did not watch the epi video. I don't do needles and I could tell by Byron's expression I had made the right choice.

The best part was the daddy relay. Here are some photos of Byron dressing, changing a diaper and swaddling a newborn.

Ready. Set. Go!

Carefully changing the diaper...

And Done!


It's Baby Shower Time!

We decided to have my baby showers fairly early due to the Holidays. I was fortunate enough to have two showers. My Grandmother threw one on Saturday for my Dad's family and her friends at her home. Then I had another one in Fancy Farm for my Mom's family and all my friends.

Natalie got a ton of clothes and all sorts of goodies. The girl shouldn't need diapers for at least a month or two (thanks Nate). And I probably won't have to do laundry for like a month :)

All set for basketball season.

My Aunt Amy and Nan

Mom, and my Aunts Karla & Theresa

Byron and his mom plus two of his Aunts Marcia & Brenna

Diaper Cake that Sue made.

Byron's Daddy Basket my Aunts made him.
They didn't want him to feel left out :)

Two showers = Two cakes. This one Lindsay, my cousin, made.


4D U/S are so COOL!

So we were given the option when we first found out we were pregnant to do a 4D U/S. Byron's eyes got huge and of course we just had to have one. It's like seeing your baby in HD :) She didn't really cooperate that well but we got a few good shots. It looks like she may have my nose and lips and might be a thumb sucker (I sure hope not).

We also went to Mistletoe Gala on Thursday. My company handles all their advertising/printing needs. It's a great place to kick off your holiday shopping. We also went to an Iron Chef competition that we sponsored. It made Byron want a Viking kitchen!

This is me almost 30 weeks before the Gala.

Byron and I walking the red carpet.


A quick rundown.

So this is more for my records than anything...
• I first felt you kick around 20-21 weeks.
• You attended your first Ole Miss game! HOTTY TODDY!
• Daniel Michael was born on Sept. 8.
• I failed that gross sugar test, but passed the 3 hour test the next day.
• Kaitlyn Grace was born on Oct. 24.


Nursery Time

Sue and I found the perfect fabric at Hobby Lobby and she's going to make all my bedding! I have had the vision of the nursery in my head for a long time and now it's time to take action. So here we go...

The plain yellow walls had to go!

Paint and wallpaper done. Next up - chair rail.


It's a ....GIRL!

Today was the BIG day! We went in for our 18 week U/S and it looks like we are having a Girl! Let the decorating begin :) I was a little surprised. I really thought I was having a boy. She weighs about 9oz and is about 8inches long. Heartbeat was around 150.

She was curled in a ball with her legs over her head. She didn't get that flexibility from Byron. To us it looked like she had long feet and femur bones, but I'll let you decide.

So I guess Sue was right...sort of. No twins, but she'll have two new grandbabies, Kaitlyn and Natalie in just a few months.


7 Week U/S

We went last Thursday for our second U/S. I still can't tell what I'm looking at :) But the baby's heartbeat was around 154 and measured at 1 cm.

We also found out that Heather and Jason are having a little girl! Any bets on what we are having? Sue keeps having dreams of twin girls...so we just have to wait and see.


Time to tell our families

We went home over Memorial Day weekend. Heather and Jason were in from Wisconsin and we thought this would be the perfect time to tell our families. I had bought picture frames for the grandparents ages ago that said "Great Moms Get Promoted to Grandmas" and "Great Dads Get Promoted to Grandpas"

I think Vann and Sue were a little overwhelmed but excited. Heather is also expecting and is due in October, and this is the first grandchild for my parents. So it's an exciting time for all of us.


Our First Ultra Sound

Today was our first doctors appointment. They went ahead and did an U/S. Talking about making it "real." It was to early to hear anything but they did take a picture of our little sesame seed.


Exciting News!

Well we found out yesterday, Mother's Day, that we are expecting! I'm probably due sometime in January. We go on the 21st for our first ultra sound. I should be about 5 weeks.

I took the test early that morning and actually woke Byron up to show him the results. After staring at each other in a daze we finally went out for some breakfast at Waffle House and then to Babies R Us. We bought our little one a huge stuffed monkey.