Hangin' Out with Grammie and Big Big

Mom and Dad came down to babysit for Byron and I while we went to a class at the Viking Cooking School. We had a great time and Nat took full of advantage of her grandparents being down. She even talked Grammie into splashing around in the pool with her and just look at that little tush! It'll still fit perfectly in the palm of your hand.

I walk outside one afternoon to Nat doing this to Mom and I about died. My mouth literally fell to the ground because little did I know they were doing it to each other. I just knew Nat was in trouble but it was so hot I don't think Mom minded one bit.

Practicing for her Pepsi commercial.

Lovin' up on Big Big

She also showed out on her potty training. I don't think she had one accident the whole time they were in town. She even stopped playing outside to go in and use the potty, something she never would do before.


Just Goofing Off

Just us girls goofing off out back, trying to stay cool all while having a little fun.

Nat decided her princess needed to drive the "girls" around in her dump truck.

All I wanted was one decent picture of Natalie smiling, eyes opened and here's what I got.


My Baby is Growing Up

Where did the time go? It's moving way to fast for my liking. First it was potty training which she's done really well at. We had a little regression from vacation we are working through, and now this?

The week before vacation Nat was not sleeping well. I got to were I'd just take her in the guest room and sleep with her. Well that lead to her pointing to that room at bedtime wanting to sleep in there. When Byron and I got back we decided we would convert her crib to a full size bed and move that mattress in there for her. She loves it! She's not sleeping all that great in it yet, but she'll get there. For now she's happy jumping on it saying "I big girl!"




Our Last Day on Vacation

This was the day Suzanne and I had waited for all week! We got a whole day to ourselves practically. It was only fair since the husbands got to golf two mornings. The guys took the kids to the beach one last time while we lounged by the pool, then we hit up the outlet mall for a little retail therapy.

For our last night out we ate at this great little Italian restaurant, Grazies. While we waited the kids played on a small swing set and listened to the band. Now you all should know by now that if there is music playing Natalie will be shakin' her booty and tonight was no different. Suzanne got a great video of her trying her hardest to get Dade to dance with her and if I can figure out how to save it from Facebook I'll will definitely share. For now these pictures will have to do.

Trying to get one decent family picture.

Pure meanness not wanting her picture taken.

Dancing to a little Buffett.


More Fun in the Sun

These two quickly became best friends and partners in crime. Silly, yet sweet at the same time.

Dade going in for the kiss.

And Nat totally ruining the moment by being a goofball.

They got bored waiting for Suzanne and I to get our act together.

Natalie wasted no time at the beach digging in the "sand box" and making herself right at home.

Later that afternoon we took the kids on a dolphin cruise. Now this sounded like a great idea at the time and it was fun but the heat was miserable.

Once the dolphins started jumping all was better. Byron got some great pictures, 35 to be exact, but these were some of my favorites.

I don't think she's ever drank that much water at one time.