Our Last Day on Vacation

This was the day Suzanne and I had waited for all week! We got a whole day to ourselves practically. It was only fair since the husbands got to golf two mornings. The guys took the kids to the beach one last time while we lounged by the pool, then we hit up the outlet mall for a little retail therapy.

For our last night out we ate at this great little Italian restaurant, Grazies. While we waited the kids played on a small swing set and listened to the band. Now you all should know by now that if there is music playing Natalie will be shakin' her booty and tonight was no different. Suzanne got a great video of her trying her hardest to get Dade to dance with her and if I can figure out how to save it from Facebook I'll will definitely share. For now these pictures will have to do.

Trying to get one decent family picture.

Pure meanness not wanting her picture taken.

Dancing to a little Buffett.

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Nan said...

Julia, the pictures of your vacation was exciting. Natalie is such a pretty girl. Thanks Nan