Warm and Toasty

I remember doing this at home until I thought my feet would burn off!


Christmas in November

While I was tempted to get the trees out, we settled on doing Christmas crafts all week instead.


Rub A Dub Dub

These two have discovered the joys of momma's big ol' tub. Nat LOVES it, especially the jets. Harper doesn't like the jets so much and has to get out before we turn those on.

They even pretend to be in my tub in the playroom.


Battle of Wills

Harper's ready to potty train, I promise she is. She can go hours without accidents. She will bring me a diaper when she needs to go. She will tell me when she has gone in her diaper within seconds of doing it. However the child will not sit on the potty and do the deed.

Saturday I thought we might come to blows (totally kidding) over it. She had gone all morning in panties, not one accident. We wanted to go out to eat so we asked her to pee pee and we'd leave. Well after probably a one hour standoff, the little heathen threw a tantrum of all tantrums and peed in the floor with her potty two feet away.

I had to leave the room I was so mad. All three of us tried bribing her, nothing. So we are back in diapers. Maybe after Christmas we will try again. Maybe.


Early Birds Get the Doughnuts

I can't really blame it on the time change but Natalie & Harper were both easy to get up this morning and when I mentioned we had time to make a pit stop, they hauled butt to the car.

Two bags of doughnut holes and two pink sprinkle doughnuts please :)