September Recap

September started off great with our trip to the beach and then quickly went downhill. Where to start? Byron had his tonsils removed. We were warned by the doctors and numerous friends and family that it would be brutal. And I can't speak for Byron but I'm pretty sure it was some, if the not the worst, pain he's ever experienced. He handled it pretty well though (especially for a man..LOL).

Then the week of Byron's birthday (just barely 1.5 weeks after his Tonsillectomy ) we were hit with THE stomach bug of 2012. Holy moly, Byron and I haven't been that sick in probably 6 years. Nat got it first, I got it two days later and couldn't function, then Byron and Harper got a touch of it too over the weekend. To have the whole family be sick like that was a first for us as parents and it was definitely just one more reason while I wish our families were closer, but we survived!

We did manage to get out and get Byron a cupcake for his birthday. Natalie refused to sing to him without a cake and some candles to blow out.

Harper is preferring her thumb more and more these days. I'm a little torn as to what to do. I'm still pushing the paci but her thumb is something I don't have to keep replacing every time it falls out. :)
She loves sticking her tongue out at me. She'll even do it back to me if I do it first. She has a love/hate relationship with bath time. She loves being in the water, doesn't mind her hair washed but come time to get out she turns into a completely different kid. She literally screams from the time I get her wrapped up in a towel until she gets her pjs on. No tears, just purely pissed off. Natalie has officially dropped out of dance class and prefers to hosts her own dance parties at home. Long story short, she was dreading it which made me dread it and the whining and crying once we got there just wasn't worth it. Maybe we'll try soccer next.
And I know it's not even October yet, but we burned through all Harper's pjs when she was sick so we busted out this cute little orange sleeper Mal sent to us. I can't get over how big she looks, and she's dying to sit upright these days. She's actually in a little umbrella stroller in this pic. Just don't tell Nat because she's nowhere near ready to be pushed around the house by big sister with Mully nipping at her toes.  :)


My Little Princesses

Unfortunately Natalie came down with a stomach bug the night before last and I just didn't think it was wise to send her to school the next morning even though she insisted she felt better. So she got to stay home with me and Harper.

So how do you entertain your 3 year old when your 2 month old demands most of your attention? You bust out the dress-up trunk (thanks Grammie). Even Harper participated.


Just showing a little love for Uncle Nate & Jason. Notice she still has her little frog legs :)


Spirit Day

Thank you Aunt Amy for the UK package we received a few days ago. It literally came in the nick of time. Since football season has started Nat's school has spirit days on Friday. They can wear their teams favorite colors. With the seasons in the middle of changing Nat doesn't really have any UK or Ole Miss things to wear yet. So when this t-shirt came in the mail, it was the perfect timing!

I don't know why the child insist on making this face but she does it ALL THE TIME, or she'll smile so big her eyes look closed.

Little miss has found the joy of sucking on her fingers and fist. I gotta say it's pretty impressive how much of her hand she can stuff in her mouth. The jury is still out on whether she'll be a thumb sucker or not.


Silly Goosey

This is what Nat and I call each other when one is being silly. And look where I found Nat Sunday afternoon...the laundry basket. I never knew one little basket could bring so much entertainment but Nat not only likes for me to push her in it but she'll push her baby dolls around and torment Mulligan with it.
And I'm sure one day (sooner than later), she'll be pushing Harper around so they can both aggravate Mully.
Just a little Sunday afternoon nap. Looking more and more like her Daddy everyday :)


2 Months Already!

Man my little squishy isn't so little anymore. She's starting to smile more (except at Byron) and coo and "talk". I think she may be a little more vocal than Nat ever thought about being. She can carry on a pretty lengthy conversation with the dog on her bouncy seat.

Her official stats at 2 months, 11lbs 8 ounces and 23 inches long. Pretty much the same as Nat just a tad shorter (if she'd ever straighten out her legs she might be longer). We are going to meet with a orthopedic Doctor about her legs and feet on October 25th. We'd rather nip it in the bud if she needs braces now then deal with it later when she is more mobile.

I just love her hair! It's a hot mess no matter what I try and do with it.

And of course I can rarely get just a picture of Harper alone if Natalie is around.


Miramar Beach, Part 1

Here's a quick run down of our beach vacation. I didn't take to many pictures but lucky for me Jason did and the cd is the mail (hopefully).

Mornings started off with snuggles for Harper. I guess it was her initiation into the big girls club. She loved every minute of it.

Then came some ring-around-the-rosey with Nana. Kendel just laughed and laughed when the girls fell down.

The first few days at the beach we couldn't get in the water due to the waves and current. So we spent a lot of time digging in the sand or swimming at the pool.
I think by Saturday Nat got to finally dip her toes in the water.

Back at the pool for some daddy-daughter time.

Nat came down with a 24 bug and fever Saturday night so Sunday was kinda low key. Jason ran to Michaels and picked up some crafts for the girls to do. They painted magnets, decorated picture frames and a treasure chest.

Waiting on the balcony for PaPaw and Byron to get home from golfing. Nat loves to ask PaPaw if he hit in the trees. One night he said yes and she replied "You not very good PaPaw" but then gave him a big bear hug. Oh the brutal honesty of a 3 year old!

Monday evening we were able to take the girls down to the Harbor Walk for a dolphin cruise. (Jason has most of these pics). While we waited we decided to take a little train ride though the streets.
Captain Harper
Snuggling Daddy. The waves were a little rough going out and Nat didn't like it when the boat rocked. Well neither did Mommy but we made it and saw some dolphins towards the end.