Spirit Day

Thank you Aunt Amy for the UK package we received a few days ago. It literally came in the nick of time. Since football season has started Nat's school has spirit days on Friday. They can wear their teams favorite colors. With the seasons in the middle of changing Nat doesn't really have any UK or Ole Miss things to wear yet. So when this t-shirt came in the mail, it was the perfect timing!

I don't know why the child insist on making this face but she does it ALL THE TIME, or she'll smile so big her eyes look closed.

Little miss has found the joy of sucking on her fingers and fist. I gotta say it's pretty impressive how much of her hand she can stuff in her mouth. The jury is still out on whether she'll be a thumb sucker or not.

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Joy said...

Sweet! And you need to get Nat some Mississippi State stuff ASAP! ;)