2 Months Already!

Man my little squishy isn't so little anymore. She's starting to smile more (except at Byron) and coo and "talk". I think she may be a little more vocal than Nat ever thought about being. She can carry on a pretty lengthy conversation with the dog on her bouncy seat.

Her official stats at 2 months, 11lbs 8 ounces and 23 inches long. Pretty much the same as Nat just a tad shorter (if she'd ever straighten out her legs she might be longer). We are going to meet with a orthopedic Doctor about her legs and feet on October 25th. We'd rather nip it in the bud if she needs braces now then deal with it later when she is more mobile.

I just love her hair! It's a hot mess no matter what I try and do with it.

And of course I can rarely get just a picture of Harper alone if Natalie is around.


Nick, Natasha, and Chloe said...

LOL-her hair cracks me up!

Joy said...

They are both precious, but that last picture is cracking me up at their different expressions!!!