Miramar Beach, Part 1

Here's a quick run down of our beach vacation. I didn't take to many pictures but lucky for me Jason did and the cd is the mail (hopefully).

Mornings started off with snuggles for Harper. I guess it was her initiation into the big girls club. She loved every minute of it.

Then came some ring-around-the-rosey with Nana. Kendel just laughed and laughed when the girls fell down.

The first few days at the beach we couldn't get in the water due to the waves and current. So we spent a lot of time digging in the sand or swimming at the pool.
I think by Saturday Nat got to finally dip her toes in the water.

Back at the pool for some daddy-daughter time.

Nat came down with a 24 bug and fever Saturday night so Sunday was kinda low key. Jason ran to Michaels and picked up some crafts for the girls to do. They painted magnets, decorated picture frames and a treasure chest.

Waiting on the balcony for PaPaw and Byron to get home from golfing. Nat loves to ask PaPaw if he hit in the trees. One night he said yes and she replied "You not very good PaPaw" but then gave him a big bear hug. Oh the brutal honesty of a 3 year old!

Monday evening we were able to take the girls down to the Harbor Walk for a dolphin cruise. (Jason has most of these pics). While we waited we decided to take a little train ride though the streets.
Captain Harper
Snuggling Daddy. The waves were a little rough going out and Nat didn't like it when the boat rocked. Well neither did Mommy but we made it and saw some dolphins towards the end.

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