Long Time, No Post

I wish I could say we had been on some fun-filled vacation (maybe next week depending on the hurricane season) but no. This is what has been occupying my time or maybe I should say my arms. My happy little Harper has been in some kind of funk this week making it nearly impossible for me to do anything other than try and console her. The Doctor thinks maybe reflux but I'm hoping it's just a phase or else I may have to overnight her to Kentucky...LOL

So what have we been up too? Well Nat had her first dance class Monday night and she was horrible. The teacher literally had to pick her up kicking and screaming, put her in the classroom and shut the door. I think she was fine once they started, at least I didn't hear anything that would suggest otherwise. We will give it a few more tries before we decide to drop it.

Today was circus day at school. Nat dressed as an acrobat in case you couldn't tell. The tutu was as close as we could get to a costume and she didn't care. She loves to prance around in this thing and of course, it's pink, so we went with it. We had to add a special touch too with a little eye makeup (Nat did it herself).

This is the first photo I was able to snap of Harper smiling last week (6 weeks). I'd say Natalie and Mulligan make her smile the most. She could listen to Natalie talk all day long and she thinks it's pretty funny when Mully licks her feet (so gross).


Joy said...

I can't believe she is already 6 weeks old! And Natalie is hilarious in that tutu. I figured she'd love dance class if she can dress up like that! =)

Amy said...

Wow, kicking and screaming... Who does that sound like? Tell Miss Natalie that I cannot wait to see her dance. Shake a leg girlie!!