Road Trip with the Girls

Yes some may call me crazy for taking my 3 year old and 1 month old on a trip home but I have two road warriors on my hands, and I sure hope it stays that way! We made it to KY, which usually take 6 hours, in just under 7 last weekend. We only had to make one stop about half way for lunch, potty breaks and to just stretch our legs. Harper slept the whole time and Nat has always traveled well so she was no problem.

I didn't take a single picture (shame on me). Luckily Karla snapped plenty for the both of us of the girls at the Picnic. It was nice to be home to visit with everyone. They of course had to love all over Harper and Natalie.

Here's (some) of the great-grand-kids cheering on Karly who ran the 5K this year.

And if Harper wasn't eating she was chilling in her favorite spot...a fold out lawn chair with box fan blowing on her. I kid you not. We tried to put her in the camper that had A/C but she was much more content outside where the action was. 

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Joy said...

You are one brave mama!! I looks like y'all had a great time! And there is NO way she is already a month old?!?!