Nat's almost gotten over this cold/allergy/ear infection/molars stuff and her mood is improving daily. Saturday it was beautiful outside, we just couldn't stay indoors all day. We went mid-morning back to the Farmer's Market to purchase some flowers and mulch. On the way back I heard an advertisement for WaterFest down at the Reservoir. After we dropped off our goodies we had a quick lunch and headed back out to all the festivities. WaterFest is an annual event to raise awareness about water conservation. Most of the booths were more for older kids so Nat and I just walked around, ate some ice cream, danced to some Blue Grass music and played in the sandbox (we gotta get one of those, she loves digging in it).

And these were from cooking dinner. Her appetite is slowing but surely returning. She just couldn't turn down licking the beater, and going back for seconds on the mashed taters.

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