Zippity Do-Dah Carnival

Yeah it was a bust. It was a benefit for the Children's Hospital and we thought it would be fun to take Nat (during her nap time). Mistake number 1. The things she could do, she didn't want to do. The things she was still just a little to small small for, she couldn't but wanted to do. She was just an overall grumpy butt, so home we went. Maybe next year. I mean all these things are new to Byron and me, and are completely trial and error on our part.

She did enjoy the bubble pool, even tried to take a dip in it. And or course the bouce slide is always a hit with her. There were just so many kids and Nat's not one for standing in line and waiting her turn. I have absolutely no idea where she get's that from :)

This sums up our morning, Zippity. Flippin'. Do. Mom.

She did have a blast however down at the neighbors house that afternoon (after a 3 hour nap). They rented a bounce house and slide for their son's birthday and let's just say we were dragging her home at sunset. She looked like a little orphan with little black feet from being barefoot all day and sucker all down her shirt. But that means it was good day right? At least in the eyes of a child? She even had pizza for dinner. If we hadn't made her take a bath I'd say she would call that THE perfect day :) (And yes, we are back to boycotting bath time. I have to bribe her with chocolate most nights)

But first she helped me clean off our pollen covered patio. She's a good little helper. She carried her sponge and bucket to each and every chair and helped wipe them down.

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