Father's Day

We went home for Father's Day this year so Byron could play in a golf tournament with his Dad. I don't think they won anything in their flight, but Byron did get closet to pin. It was a nice weekend with Big Daddy and PaPaw too.

Natalie (and I) made Byron and the Grandpas little brag books that spelled out Daddy, Big Daddy and PaPaw. Each one has special quotes and pictures in it. (Big Daddy even got a little teary-eyed on us) I also updated Byron's frame with new DAD photos like last year.

First shot, not bad. She's sitting still and smiling. Then she's over it. Maybe she doesn't like the letter A, but this was the best we could do. Typical Nat. One happy, one so-so and one photo screaming her head off.

Photo books.

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Flossie said...

I love the Daddy book idea. How did you do it? Did you cut out the pages yourself? I also love the Dad picture idea every year. I might steal that for next year. ;)