Natalie's First Haircut

We waited 17 long months for this day and she really only needed a trim, but it was starting to get down in her eyes and tickle her ears. I had tried to do it myself, but that's not something I would recommend :) It was really blunt and wouldn't lay right.

So Mom and I took Nat too Mary Ethel, the same woman who cut my hair when I was little up until college. She did really well considering she had been up since 5:45 that morning with no nap. She was a little unsure of some stranger touching her, but it wasn't anything a big ole sucker and some Smarties couldn't cure.

Much better...


Flossie said...

She looks so pretty! Good thinking on bribing her with food. :)

Julia said...

Thanks Joe. I got the biggest sucker I could find..LOL