Splash Pad Sunday

Natalie and I went out Sunday to a new place in Brandon called the Shiloh Splash Pad. I came across them on Facebook and thought it might be a fun little outing for my water-bug. Boy did I hit the nail on the head, she LOVED it! She even made friends with a little girl there close to her age.

It's a nice little park for young kids to splash around and cool off in the MS heat. They had a small frog slide, tons of sprinklers in the ground, water guns and a huge bucket that dumps water every 10 minutes or so. I would love to take her Kaitlyn back one of these days.

The big dump bucket that the kids literally sit down and wait for. We skipped this. Natalie's not a fan of dumping water over head.

She held on to these and sang ring around the rosies to it.

This is where we'd count to 3 and run real quick.

The frog slide. It took her a few attempts not to be scared of it, but she got the hang of it. She even gave one little boy who wouldn't go a piece of her mind. She started jabbering and pointing her finger at him. I thought his mom and myself were going to die from laughing so hard.

This expression is just priceless...pure amazement.

And it never failed, this gator would stop squirting water every time she sat on it. Everything is on timers and I guess our timing was off.


Flossie said...

Looks like so much fun! Sam isn't a big fan of water. Hopefully, next summer he will have fun. If not, it's going to be a very hot childhood for him!

Amy said...

Too Cute Miss Natalie...
Looks like you're trying to ride a horse. Julia, I wonder if she will like doing that too. Love the pics.. keep them coming! Love you all...