Balloon Glow

Friday night we decided to venture out to the Northpark Mall and check out the Balloon Glow. There were probably 10 different hot air balloons set up that would "glow" at certain times. We almost got there to late, they were actually shutting them down by the time we got there. Then we had to wait over an hour for the fireworks to begin. Natalie was really good considering she had been fighting a fever the night before and it was muggier than you-know-what outside. Poor thing was worn out by the time we got home around 11.

Trying our best to get a shot while the balloons were lit up.

Take two with Daddy.

Listening to Tracy Lawrence. You know she wasn't feeling up to par if she's not dancing.

She seemed to enjoy the fireworks that followed the concert. She pointed, ohh and awed over them, then passed out in Byron's arm on the walk back to car :) They probably lasted about 30 minutes but we left early to beat the traffic. All and all it's one of those things she'll enjoy when she's a little older, but I really wanted to see fireworks this year.

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Amy said...

OMG... We love the balloons. Did you know Mike flies a hot air balloon? The pics are beautiful.