It's My Birthday!

I just thought I'd share what I came home to last night. Natalie and Byron had decorated the back porch with sidewalk chalk. Byron would just like to note that Nat was determined to sign her name at top not the bottom like he asked her too...LOL That's her scratchings up at the top there in case you can't tell. He also made me some yummy potato soup, got me a funny card and a new purse. Thanks to everyone who's sent cards, called me and posted messages on Facebook.


Amy said...

Happy Birthday Julia... I remember when you were a little girl just like Natalie. Man how time flies! Now you're all grown up with a little girl of your own. I love you all! Hope you have a great day today and many more birthdays. Cherish them all!!
Love you, Amy

Flossie said...

Happy belated birthday! I just quickly got on Facebook for a minute last night because I've been waiting for a reply from a friend, and I didn't check the birthdays or anything. Sorry I missed it. Sounds like you had a really nice one.