Happy 4th

Even though Sunday was a holiday we didn't do to much out of the ordinary. Byron smoked a Boston Butt on the Green Egg and Nat and I got out to buy some small fireworks for her. Just the usual (sparklers, smoke bombs, snap and pops) and those little things that you pull and confetti pops out. Those might have been her favorite.

She loved putting it on Mulligan's head and unraveling any of the string that didn't come apart. She couldn't throw the snap and pops hard enough to make them go off, but Byron could and he tormented the dogs with them :) She didn't stay up late enough to do the sparklers at night so we still have a few left over for a rainy day. And she was amazed when the smoke bombs went off and the color floated up into the air.
She didn't understand why she couldn't touch it, and soon lost interest.

These were taken that morning. This is Natalie's new game she plays with the dogs. She takes their favorite toy and runs with it. When they lose interest she teases them with it until they start playing tug-o-war. Now our dogs outweigh her by a good 40lbs so there's not much tugging until Bogey gets free with it. At which point Natalie raises that little finger and starts saying "No, No", but of course it sounds more like "Nah, Nah" in her little southern twang. They drop the toy and the whole game starts again.

She also caught me painting my toes that morning. And she wanted in on the action. At first she would come up and put her foot next to mine. When I started to get close with the polish she would run off giggling. She finally sat down next to me and was perfectly still the whole time.

Modeling O•P•I's The Thrill of Brazil

Just like Mommy


Amy said...

Natalie - Your toes are so pretty!!

Flossie said...

Love the toes picture! What a cute idea!